Corporate Identity
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What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate style or identity is a visual image of a company consisting of various graphic elements such as logo, business card, envelope, letterhead, and other products created in one uniform style. Identity is intended to make a company more presentable for partners and customers as well as to increase brand awareness and confidence level.

Key Elements

The Negative team will design your own creative project comprising the following positions needed to build visual identity:

  1. Logo

  2. Basic colours

  3. Font

  4. Business cards

  5. Letterheads

  6. Envelopes

  7. Paper folders

  8. Presentation design

  9. Design manual

It is also possible to add to the list of carriers the standard outdoor advertising layouts (billboards, flags, lightboxes and banners) and promotional gift templates.

Design may include all of the above-mentioned elements or some of them depending on the company’s activity areas and objectives established when creating a style.

Phases of Creating a Corporate Identity in Cooperation with Negative Studio


  • A personal meeting during which we find out the customer’s needs and wishes and work out a technical design assignment.

  • Our design department offers several versions of a concept and logo, from which we choose the most appropriate one together.

  • Then we refine the approved concept and create the elements of style.


If you order the design of your corporate identity from Negative, you may rest assured of the final outcome, because amendments and edits could be made at any design phase.

As a result of our joint work, a client will receive a complete package of layouts prepared for manufacture. We also provide a guideline comprising a set of rules for the design of various carriers. Our design guideline describes rules of composition for the elements of corporate identity, logo design rules, rules of logo insertion in documents and presentation design rules. The list of necessary style carriers is negotiated separately.