Logo design
© Photo by Pavel Fertikh on Unsplash

Logo design

A logo is much more than just words, icon or colour. A good logo tells the story of your company: who you are, what you are, and what you stand for. Creating a logo is not an easy thing: there are plenty of nuances that should be considered when designing.

“Your logo is how people recognise you, and it helps express how you’re different from your rivals. But at the same time, people assess you not on the strength of your logo, but on the quality of your product or service. So, all of that real stuff matters more.”

— Robert Jones.

The Negative team is very creative about the process of company logo design. However, when creating a corporate logo, our specialists consider a wide range of factors:

  • Type of business activity

  • Range of services and goods offered

  • Target audience

  • Analysing the logos of competing companies to identify weaknesses and strengths

  • Associated perception of a future sign by potential consumers

  • How a logo will look in black-and-white version

If you order the design of your logo from Negative, you may rest assured of the final outcome, because amendments and edits could be made at each phase.

Logo design comprises several stages:

  • Personal meeting with a customer: discussing objectives, preferences, and vision

  • Developing several variants of the graphical part of a logo; approving the most appropriate one by a customer

  • Manufacture of several variants of the graphical part of a logo; approving the most appropriate one by a customer

  • Choosing an appropriate inscription and graphic design of a logo

  • Creating several colour layouts

  • Establishing guidelines comprising examples of using a logo in different backgrounds

  • A customer receives a package of all necessary documents in various formats, ready for printing or placement in the Internet space

The works we are proud of:

Our team can create a corporate identity of your company as well: business cards, brochures, catalogues, flyers and other promotion materials.