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Design is not merely a visual representation of information, first of all, it is a mindset. We create solutions which will fully satisfy the end user.

What is the UI/UX design?

UI stands for user interface, i.e. the way you view your website, application, hoover.

UX means “User eXperience“ and consists of several parts: information architecture, interaction design, graphic design, and content. It basically means how quickly you will understand how to turn a hoover on.

For example, consider a cash machine, the menu on its screen is the UI. The arrangement of the cash machine’s buttons and the number of clicks you will have to do to perform a chosen procedure is the UX.

Why do you need UX analytics?

The aim of UX analytics is to create a simple and straightforward product that can be used by the target audience at an intuitive level.

Via UX analytics, it is possible to create a unique user-friendly product, thereby introducing competition to the market of similar products.

UX analytics can identify:

  • On what stage potential customers leave you without registering on your website, buying something or signing up for the newsletter
  • What are the problems users experience when they try to interact with a product
  • How to reduce the designers’ workload, increase sales and get regular customers

As it was mentioned before, you are judged by the interface at first and by your functional later on. An integrated approach is needed in order to both of them to be on a high level. Check our blog to read a detailed description about the UX development proccess.