Business automation
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Business automation

Nowadays, business automation is no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Reducing costs, improving the efficiency of employees, increasing profits and customer loyalty – all of this will be done instead of you by CRM system, and, of course, by the programmers of Negative Studio.

Our team uses CRM system. Below you will find out what it is.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is always described as a hadron collider, but in fact, it is just a program for managing a business. However, a very smart program – so smart that it helps to increase profits by 20-30%, reduce costs and enhance customer loyalty.

One of the most important functions of CRM programs is customer and bargain accounting. However, unlike Excel, CRM system stores data not in huge tables, but in convenient cards, where the full history of interaction with a customer is provided in chronological order – from the first call to the conclusion of a contract. Here it is possible to listen to phone conversations, save an important document, automatically issue an invoice, write an e-mail, set a reminder and so on. The system can automatically do some of your work: it generates documents by a template, assigns tasks to managers at each stage of a bargain, sends SMS to customers, creates online visual reports on all business indicators – starting with the amount of transaction and ending with the number of calls made. All this helps to have a more effective dialogue with a buyer, maintain his loyalty and sell him more and more frequently as the result.

In 2015, Capterra consulting company conducted a survey among 500 companies, and it turned out that after the introduction of CRM their profits increased between 25 and 35 percent. Other indicators also increased.


The sales level increased by 29%, thus providing stability.

The productivity level of managers increased by 37%, which means that you can boost sales without increasing the staff.

The satisfaction level of customers increased by 31%. The higher the customer loyalty is, the bigger the check and the volume of repeat sales will be.

(The data are published according to the survey conducted by Capterra in 2015)

Challenges addressed by the system:

  • Is the work of managers poorly organised?

  • Due to CRM it is possible to introduce uniform operation standards sorting information about customers and bargains in convenient cards. Even if a responsible person is not in place, another employee can easily respond to the customer's call, having read his card.


  • Is it difficult to analyse sales?

  • CRM provides visual reports and diagrams containing reports on all business process introduced in the system.


  • Are there any lost requests?

  • CRM sorts requests from the site, distributing them among managers. The program will remind about deadline and send reports to the management.

  • Does the staff turnover affect sales?

  • The full history of interaction with customers is collected in CRM: a new manager can immediately get settled in.

  • Do managers cut corners?

  • CRM will give a full report of each employee. Visual graphs and diagrams show how many calls, meetings and bargains were made by a manager.

  • Does the manager leave and take up the whole customer database?

  • Set up the CRM access rights in such a way that managers can only see their own customers – no one except you will have access to the full customer database.


To make your work more convenient, improve performance and productivity, you need only order from us the development of a system that best suits the needs of your business sector. Our professional team develops both standard and individual solutions (automation with a database, government systems). Since Negative Studio uses a unique system of automatic code generation, it takes a lot less time to develop the system, thus allowing to significantly reduce the final cost of a product.