Mobile applications
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Mobile applications

The Negative team develops both single mobile apps and complementary web projects. We review customers’ demands, trends for usability, security and design, offering better solutions in each case.

Why Do You Need a Mobile App?

  • To become a basis of business.
  • To monetize project traffic.
  • To increase target audience.
  • To enhance customer loyalty.
  • To automate processes.

App development with Negative is carried out in five phases:

  1. UX Design

During the design phase, we:

  1. Identify the target audience; define what challenge the application will address for consumers;

  2. Analyse the competitors’ apps and current trends in the field you are interested in;

  3. Develop the app prototypes showcasing structure and functional features of every screen.

The design outcome should be developed into a scheme showing the application structure and linkages between the screens, as well as in the form of interactive prototypes that can be viewed on devices. Following the approval of prototypes, we work out a technical design assignment together with a customer.

2. UI Design

Design is our strength and passion. We are constantly researching the movement of industry and current trends. Our team develops a convenient and concise interface pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

“At least half of the tech products people will use because of style and how it makes them feel rather than pure utility.”
– Julie Zhuo,
VP, Product Design at Facebook

Work on design is divided into two parts: 

  1. We develop two or three key application screens first to show our train of thoughts and illustrate our vision of what should be the visual language of your product;

  1. Following the discussion and layout approval by a customer, we finish the work on the entire interface.

An important step after the approval of the project’s visual part is the montage of layouts for the setting of interface. Our designers have solid experience in this field. They are familiar with the features of setting and device behaviour, which makes it possible to minimize the period of work on this phase.

3. Developing for Android and iOS

Software development for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 is carried out in native programming languages, such as Swift, Objective-C, and Java.

An important moment for our team is to ensure the excellent work of UI, especially in programming animations and reactions to user actions.

The development phase ends with testing aimed at identifying bugs and ensuring stability of operation on popular devices.

4. Backend Development

If an application has a client-server architecture and in addition to a client on iOS or Android you need to develop a server that stores or processes project information, we can do it. Since we use the system of automatic code generation, the development time is reduced to the minimum.

5. Marketing Packaging

In the final phase, we develop a product packaging for better promotion:

  • Images for the AppStore, Google Play, or Windows Store;

  • Naming and keywords selection, compilation of description for apps and updates;

  • Landing page with the “Support” section;

Our team of designers and a marketing specialist having experience in e-commerce will prepare all of this for your product.

It is also possible to develop a corporate identity and design for social media.