Startup development
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Startup development

Startups are extremely risky, aren’t they? That is partly true. 70% of startups have not been launched because they were already closed up at the development phase. Even if the business idea was excellent. We have a technique allowing to bring the project to its execution phase.


The Negative team uses SCRUM. Scrum is a leading methodology of flexible programming. It provides the development of a software product by a single team. At the same time, the development process itself is divided into temporary phases – sprints tailored to the regularly updated and clearly established priorities. Each sprint is a full-fledged operation cycle from planning to testing.

Nobody needs complex projects. They are not interesting to users, expensive to maintain, but it's a pity to throw them away. We support writing an exercise straight to a fair copy. We favour simplicity.


How Does It Work?

Our work looks like a relay race:

  • We coordinate with you the key project phases (sprints) lasting from 2 to 4 weeks.

  • We draw up a schedule of daily activities (timeline) for each sprint.

  • We conduct the development process by teams of 2 or 3 programmers using our code generation system, thus enabling to launch your project faster and cheaper than competitors.

  • You receive progress reports.

  • The result of each sprint is a fully functioning and tested project, in which all the features of previous development phases are implemented.

  • We record all your improving proposals related to a project and deliver them to the subsequent sprints. You get the opportunity to flexibly control the budget, functionality and timeline of a project while managing the development priorities.

  • You can constantly monitor the project performance on our demo servers (as usual, we keep two copies of a project – a current stable sprint and daily build), in addition, all the program code is available to you from the version control system (git).

Have you ever felt that you want something bigger than a template site? You just need to get a clever and experienced team (it is somewhere real close ;) and put your ideas into life!