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Negative We Address Challenges of Your Business

Website is an effective advertising tool for bringing in new clients, rather than just a business card of a company and one of the core components of its image. Website is the face of a company, so its development must be entrusted to professionals. When developing a site on a turn-key basis, we offer a full range of services relating to the creation of a selling website functionality. Negative Studio develops websites with consideration of all the individual needs of an end consumer and business as a whole.

Individual approach to each client enables us to create a unique style. A significant amount of time is given to the design issue, because the effectiveness of the project will hinge on the future design. The professionality and experience of our team allow us to turn any ideas and fantasies into reality.

A team of specialists of Negative studio, who have not just theoretical knowledge, but practical experience in developing projects, work on a website.

How do we do it?

The scope of work comprises:

  • Project analysis. We examine the market situation and draw up a list of goals and objectives to be addressed by the project.

  • Design. Our first task is to create a prototype that will reflecting the website structure, its menu and blocks deemed necessary on every page. Then, the designer adds the elements of visual design to this “skeleton”. We develop at least two concepts to be agreed with a customer.

  • Slicing. The website development starts already at this stage. The graphical layout turns into HTML5/CSS3/JS code. This task is performed by an experienced frontend-developer, who foresees in advance the possible connection of the necessary functionality in the code.

  • Software development. At this stage, a fully-fledged site functionality defined in the technical design assignment is realized. Due to our unique system of automatic code generation, we significantly reduce the development time, which reduces the final price of a site.

  • Testing. This is the final and the most crucial phase that allows detection and timely elimination of all critical errors. If all the tests are successful, we publish the site on the Internet or deliver it to the client.

  • Primary filling with content. The development of a turnkey website should result in a ready-to-use project. This means that its pages should already contain the actual information on the company's activities, list of goods or services with their description. Copywriters are involved in this task. They draw up advertising and information texts in compliance with the determined requirements.

You can make edits at any design phase, because it is essential for us to make you satisfied.

Website development is not an easy task. The development process is influenced by the company's activities, development goals, audience and its interests. No matter how challenging the task and your goals are, the Negative team will take on the development of your website.