Search engine optimisation
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Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimization is the process aimed at improving the website operation, its moving towards the top of a search engine’s results list, creating a user-friendly interface, as well as searching for the target audience. SEO helps users to find more quickly your website using certain keywords. It is one of the most effective and least expensive methods of bringing in the targeted users to a website, however, it may take some time.

SEO service that helps people to find your product and business to make more money.


Why do your business need SEO?

  • Increased sales. A website is the basic tool for communication with your audience on the Internet, therefore search engine optimization directly affects the results of your business.

  • Website extending. The optimization for the search engine requirements results in improvement of the website ranking and growth of targeted traffic. As a consequence, the number of requests and purchases from the site is increased.

  • Reduced cost of appeals. The number of hits to a website increases due to the search engine optimization, and the price of transitions and, as a consequence, the price of appeals is reduced.


During the SEO process, the Negative team makes websites more attractive for search engines and more convenient for visitors. Thanks to that, the percentage of conversion rises and the number of orders from the website increases.

How Do We Do This?

  1. Technical preparation. We set up the site in such a way that the search robots could correctly understand it, recognizing information contained on the site.

  2. Semantic core creation. We define one or more areas, as well as the basic product that will be promoted. Our team figures out the query using which people most often look for one or another product or service.

  3. Website filling with a relevant content. We fill the site with an up-to-date content that might interest potential customers and visitors of your site.

  4. Strengthening the website authority. We publish information from your website (press releases, articles and blogs) on various resources, making links to your site, thus raising the website ranking and increasing traffic.


We shall note that SEO promotion must be entrusted to professionals. The lack of knowledge or experience can result in unpleasant consequences. It is a lot easier to order SEO promotion from us while developing the site or separately, and afterwards, just enjoy the results of our painstaking work.