Social media
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Social media

SMM promotion is an important tool for the strategic business development. 90% of the Internet users enjoy social media. Here you can easily find the target audience and establish long-term relationships. We know how to catch the interest of potential customers, make them loyal and convince people to love your brand.

Despite the seeming simplicity of running communities in social media, many people face problems:

  • - how to create an attractive design
  • - how to create an interesting content
  • - how to bring in the target audience
  • - how to hold a campaign or a contest
  • - how to be advertised in social media

To have an interesting and useful community, which increases and regularly brings clients to your site, you should entrust the community management to professionals. The Negative team is committed to promoting in social media considering all the peculiarities of your business and your target goals. So, what do you want to get from social media? Answer these simple questions and any of your further actions will lead to greater impact.

Why Do You Need SMM?

1. To establish and maintain communication with consumers.

2. To build a new sales channel.

3. To setup an online call centre.

4. To test a new product/service/service before launching to the large market.

5. To organize add-on-sale for existing customers.

6. To increase the amount of an average receipt of each purchase.

7. To level out the existing negativity related to a brand, product or company.

8. To prevent potential negativity if you expect it to occur for various reasons.

9. To reduce fears and dispel doubts of consumers before buying from you.

10. To increase brand/product/service awareness.

Proceeding from your goals and objectives, we are creating the right strategy exactly for your business. Our team takes a close look at your product, determines the most perspective directions, analyses the interests of the target audience and competitive environment. Based on this data, we develop a promotion strategy and draft a content plan while approving each step with a customer.

What Do We Offer?

We offer you a well-thought-out working with social media: in keeping with a plan, with the setting of target goals, with metric and face-to-face counselling. We can maintain your SMM on an ongoing basis or develop processes and deliver them to an employee of your company. Our services are provided both separately and in a single package (a service package can be broken down).