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 The content should have a top priority for each website, because users will be interested in a project only if it will be filled with a high-quality and up-to-date information content.

Many companies neglect the quality of the website information content resulting in reduction in performance indicators and sales. While reading and reviewing your website, a customer must understand and become confident that he addressed to the real experts. That is why the content should be unique and as useful as it can to be. Content marketing is the science dealing with the “beauty” of information.

The Negative team considers all the peculiarities of business to develop a high-quality and interesting content for both websites and social networks of a company.


How Will the Content “Live” on Your Website?

First, we set up the basic tasks of a project, define the target audience, draw up a structure and develop prototypes. This phase is carried out by our copywrite and SMM specialist (Katya, in a word). After having defined all these points, our design department = Nikita selects a style and draws layouts. Then, our layout designer enters the work process. His mission is to bring all the components together. The software developer writes up diverse functions to the code and the future site takes on a dynamic look. As a final touch, the site is filled with textual, graphical, audio-video and other information breathing life into a web resource.

Do’s and Don’ts

Screaming like “THE CHEAPEST PRICES" or "YOU WILL BITTERLY REGRET, IF YOU LET SLIP YOUR CHANCE" and so on has long ceased being actual. The Negative team applies the methods of permission-based marketing, because first of all, users come to the site not for direct advertising, but for information. They need to be interested by:

  • description of services and product cards;

  • peer group analysis;

  • blog information with reviews;

  • market news;

  • various related materials.

We create a unique content that provides the most valuable information, thereby resolving the problems of your client and resulting in his natural desire to order website development.

It turns out that sales are the reaction of a website visitor, who is imbued with trust in you.

The teamwork is crucial in delivering quality content. Tell us about your own vision of your company, its philosophy and history. Together we will create a unique and challenging content for your website and social media of your company.