About us
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About us

We are a young team of professionals in the field of website & mobile app design and development. Websites developed by our studio represent a unique web design, an optimal software solution and a convenient control system. We love learning and we are always open for new ideas. We easily explore and invent new technologies and introduce them in day-to-day use * (sometimes laughing like Dr. Evil while doing it).


Why Choose Negative?


An out-of-the-box approach in website development – that is our business card. Our studio helps various companies to develop their businesses and bring in new customers, creating unique and well-designed projects. Our development department = Vova, is committed to the custom web design, which means that the software is created from scratch. We do not take ready-made CMS and CRM systems, as they limit the capacities of websites without leaving space for creativity. We have developed a unique technical solution of automatic code generation serving to significantly reduce the cost of individual design.


Who are We Doing This For?


Negative Studio creates powerful personalized solutions, assisting companies from different sectors to make their businesses more productive and consumer-friendly. In the field of web design, Negative has its own mission – development of websites that serve as effective marketing tools for our customers. We believe that the beauty will save the world and want to make the Internet better.