Django Generator
© Photo by Lefty Kasdaglis on Unsplash

Django Generator

Negative Generator

The technology of Django generator is specially designed by Negative Studio to reduce the time for the website design and several phases of mobile app development. This product is tailored to web studios and designers who develop applications in Django.

Using a generator, you can save up to 80% of the time on routine operations.

How Does a Generator Work?

  1. Using a convenient DSL, a programmer describes business models and other needed entities.

  2. The generator builds an off-the-shelf program, which represents a Django application with a beautifully designed code.

  3. If you need to make changes, corrections shall be made to DSL. The program understands what parts of an application should be updated.


What Can a Generator Do?

  1. The Django admin panel build – very complicated polymorphic models are supported while doing so.

  2. Model generation.

  3. View generation.

  4. REST API generation.


The generator is at the stage of closed beta-testing. If you are interested, you can send us a request and take part in beta-testing.