Negative CMS
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Negative CMS

Any modern site needs to have a convenient tool for its updating and content placement. Ideally, such a tool should enable you to manage without the superfluous assistance of programmers and designers. One such tool is CMS (Content Management System).

Negative CMS is designed specially to meet the needs of our customers and to reflect the demands and wishes of our developers.

Developing our solution for managing websites, we were guided by the principle “all the good solutions have already been implemented before.” Therefore, we took the best open-source elements, assembled them into a single, well-handled and tested package, added a good design and combined with our up-to-date solutions for the code generation and content management.

Advantages of our CMS


Full and Convenient Multi-language Support

We are in a multi-language country, therefore, all our website for the local customers support at least three languages as usual.

Editing of Any Content Directly on a Website

That is something worth trying our CMS. You can edit anything: all data, translations. The system itself knows what and where to save – you do not have to navigate the admin panel anymore. Particular attention should be given to the text editor.

Negative Generator Integration

By means of a generator, you can easily expand the CMS opportunities without spending money on the module development.

Easy expandability

Negative CMS is a Django application, which means that you can simply add all your best practices and our CMS will be perfectly integrated with your code. And our main gimmicks, such as the generator and “editing directly on a website” will be also able to operate easily with the third-party developments.