Website restoration
© Photo by Dietmar Becker on Unsplash

Website restoration

Some time ago you decided to create a website. I would like to stress that “some time ago“ is 5 or more years ago. And at that time the website was beautiful, convenient, and created with the latest technologies. You thought it would last forever. However, as time went by the website appeared to be inconvenient, the design started to look too old, updating it would cost a fortune and showing this website to associates would be utterly shameful. New technologies appeared, but your website developer went missing, died or became a professional baker. Our studio is here to help you and your business with renovating your website.
Why do you need a beautiful and a modern website?
  • To attract new customers
  • Even though it is said that clothes do not make the man, in this case they actually do. Your website is the face of your business
  • To make the website easy to use on smartphones and other devices
  • To make it easier to find your website through search engines
  • To make updating the website and its content easier
  • To use it for advertising purposes
Many studious refuse to deal with old websites, as this task is more intricate than creating a new website. We believe that by updating your website we can help your business develop and expand.