Boober Express
apr. 3, 2018, 10 p.l.

Boober Express

Boober is the April Fool’s joke from our team. We decided to test our generator during the creation of a full-fledged project and have fun at the same time.

How it was?

A year ago, when our team was not as big as now, we wanted to make an April Fool’s joke - boober. Like Uber, only Boober. An application that will allow girls to get a free trip to anywhere in the city, and young people look at chic shapes. Well, you get it. (Have a look at the site here).



But at that time, we did not have the resources to make a full-fledged project just like an April Fool’s joke. But this year, when our company and the team grew up, we realized that the time has come. Thanks to the appeared generator it became possible to realize our idea in the shortest time – instead of 72 hour-development, we were through with it in 24 hours. We started on Friday afternoon and finished on Saturday noon. Voilà! The site is working, and the first users have already tried it. Though, there were not so many – 10 girls and 20 guys. And after 7 hours our Boober was purchased! Which we were, undoubtedly, delighted with. Perhaps in the future it will become a full-fledged resource for carrying people around in Moscow.



Working on this site, we were fully convinced of the need for a generator – the work became much easier, and there were no foolish errors in the code at all. Roughly speaking, the generator did all the dirty and boring work that allowed us to meet such a short deadline. Desperately struggling with sleep, we took a grip on ourselves, devoured pizza and cookies, drank a cistern of coffee and did exercises. Well, a movie is worth a thousand words.


All in all, we are very satisfied with our result and are glad that the April Fools’ joke was a great success. In the process of its creation, we managed to independently conduct a complete testing of the generator and make sure that it is gorgeous. Testing is finished and very soon we will launch the generator as a full-fledged product that will facilitate the work of many programmers. We are glad that many people liked our joke, which means only one thing – next year we will also come up with something unusual.

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