Сoming out. WP
juuli 23, 2018, 2:45 p.l.

Сoming out. WP

We have been keeping this a secret for a while... We have come through several stages of grief, such as denial, bargaining, and acceptance... It is high time to make a coming out...

We create websites with WP. Everything is made professionally, beautifully and quickly. We often received small-scale project orders, and usually, we did not work on such projects. We used to repeatedly decline them, but then we suddenly realized that this cannot go on and our skills, design, and vision should be available to anyone, including small projects-startups-presentation websites and so on.

In our team, we have Aleksei, the grand lord of WordPress, who knows WP like the back of his hand and is always ready to create a website at short notice, and this will help your business to set course for growth and development. In collaboration with our designers, they become an undefeated team, which by all means will quickly create a high quality website.

We will not try to hide the fact that development using WP has several limitations, yet we are always ready to find an optimal solution. A website on WP is a great start for your business, which obviously will not cost a fortune.

Well... seems like we have unburdened ourselves... we hope this will not make you pretend you do not know us next time we meet.

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