Koostöö Tehnopoliga
juuni 22, 2018, 12:19 p.l.

Koostöö Tehnopoliga

Tehnopol is a platform that helps start ups grow, break new ground and conquer new markets. The Genius generator was finished when we began our collaboration, but we had no idea whatsoever about how to package it for our clients and sell it. And then we decided to turn to Tehnopol for assistance.

How did it happen?

Having worked our fingers to the bone we decided that something needs to be done about it. We started simplifying some processes by automatizing them. Step by step, we had been building our generator for 5 years. Initially we were constructing it for ourselves, but when it was more or less refined we realised that others may find it useful, and since we are not greedy, we decided to share. Regardless of being able to develop it, we had no clue how to sell it.

And then we started figuring out where to seek help. We somehow managed to find a start up incubator. We introduced our idea to a wise man during a preview, and the wise man found it good. Then there was a stand-up presentation, some serious stories, numerous slides and 10 people in a tight room. They said the would call us back. And they did! That is how our collaboration with Tehnopol began.

In terms of consultancy services and development Tehnopol is a unique platform that facilitates the business’s stable growth and helps reach targets. They have a substantial number of mentors, each specialising in a certain area, and based on that a mentor will be allocated to your start up. By virtue of some checkpoints, the work is executed in a stable and timely manner, helping save time and resources.

During our presentation in that tight room we found our first mentor, who quickly became our client and hence stopped mentoring us. Then we were offered another genius with whom we have been working hard to the present day.

Every two weeks we meet with our regular mentor (a treasure trove of wit, wisdom and useful contacts) who sets us a work direction for the following two weeks. In the course of our work we learned who our clients and target audience are, what we are aiming to achieve and how we should promote our product on the market. Such regularity gives us the impulse to move forward, embody our ideas into life and develop.

What’s the plan?

The generator is currently in the crowdsource testing phase during which we are gathering feedback and making improvements. Soon the generator will enter the global market as a fully developed product. Needless to say, we could not go without adding some treats: a loyalty scheme with some nice bonuses will be in place.

We are very glad that here in Estonia there is a project that supports innovative ideas, helps make progress and just do good things. Tehnopol + Negative Space = Super Power.

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