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juuni 1, 2018, 11:15 e.l.

Meie tiim

Hey, Negative people!

As you may have noticed, a section with our team members has appeared on our website. We are very proud of our team. You can finally consider our team complete, yay! Although people at Negative are quite shy, we finally persuaded them to post their photos with short stories about their lives on our website.

We are very glad that after a long process of testing and interviewing we found “our people“. It is very important for us to find specialists who are ready to develop, laugh together and create different interesting things. As you know, being a Negative person is a state of mind.

Our team members are experts in what they do and they are passionate about it. We tried to build our own creative atmosphere which could inspire everyone to self-develop, and we have successfully done it. Our team members are always communicating with each other, sharing their experiences and ideas, making joint projects, and just having fun.

We offer you to check out our new section and get to know all the beautiful people who work here.

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